History of science from 1949 to the present

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History of science from 1949 to the present

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1949 - PRESENT
Chinese Communism (1950-). When the communists
took control of China in 1950, the first new text
introduced into all the schools was neither Marxist nor
Leninist, but Darwinian. Chinese communist leaders eagerly
grasped evolutionary theory as a basic foundation
for their ideology. The government established the Paleontological
Institute in Beijing, with a large staff of paleontologists,
dedicated to proving evolution.
*Sir Julian S. Huxley (1887-1975). Grandson of
*Darwin’s “bulldog” (*Thomas Huxley), *Julian Huxley
was the leading spokesman for evolution by natural
selection in the mid-20th century. Upon being named
the first director-general of UNESCO, he was able to make
evolution the keystone of United Nations scientific policy.
He saw it as his opportunity to extend evolutionary
thinking to the nations of the world, and he made the
most of it (*Julian Huxley, UNESCO pamphlet).

Piltdown Skull Debunked (1953). This piece of skull
and separate jaw was the only clear evidence that man
was descended from an apelike creature. In 1953, *Kenneth
Oakley (British Museum geologist), *Joseph Weiner
(Oxford University anthropologist), and *Le Gros Clark
(anatomy professor at Oxford) managed to get their hands
on the Piltdown skull and jaw—and proved it to be a
total forgery. The newly developed fluorine test revealed
the bones to be quite recent. Additional research showed
the bones had been stained with bichromate, to make them
appear aged. Drillings into the bone produced shavings
Brief History of Evolutionary Theory 47
instead of ancient powder. The canine tooth was found to
have been filed and stained. Weiner published a book about
the Piltdown forgery in 1955 (*William L. Straus, Jr., “The
Great Piltdown Hoax,” Science, February 26, 1954; *Robert
Silverberg, Scientists and Scoundrels: A Book of
Hoaxes, 1965).

Amino Acid Synthesis (1953). When *Stanley Miller
produced a few amino acids from chemicals, amid a continuous
small sparking apparatus, newspaper headlines proclaimed:
“Life has been created!” But evolutionists hid
the truth: The experiment had disproved the possibility
that evolution could occur.
The amino acids were totally dead, and the experiment
only proved that a synthetic production of them
would result in equal amounts of left- and right-handed
amino acids. Since only left-handed ones exist in animals,
accidental production could never produce a living
creature (*R. Milner, Encyclopedia of Evolution, 1990,
p. 274).

Discovery of DNA (1953). *Rosiland Franklin took
some special photographs which were used in 1953 by
*Francis Crick and *James Watson (without giving her
credit), to develop the astounding helix model of the DNA
molecule. DNA has crushed the hopes of biological evolutionists,
for it provides clear evidence that every species
is locked into its own coding pattern. It would be
impossible for one species to change into another, since
the genes network together so closely. It is a combination
lock, and it is shut tight. Only sub-species variations
can occur (varieties in plants, and breeds in animals).
This is done through gene shuffling (*A.I. Oparin,
Life: Its Nature, Origin and Development, 1961, p. 31;
*Hubert P. Yockey, “A Calculation of Probability of Spontaneous
Biogenesis by Information Theory,” Journal of
Theoretical Biology, Vol. 67, 1977, p. 398).

The odds of accidentally producing the correct DNA
code in a species or changing it into another viable species
48 The Evolution Cruncher
are mathematically impossible. This has repeatedly been
established. (*J. Leslie, “Cosmology, Probability, and the
Need to Explain Life,” in Scientific American and Understanding,
pp. 53, 64-65; *E. Ambrose, N


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