History of the theory of evolution

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History of the theory of evolution

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Stellar evolution is based on the concept
that nothing can explode and produce all the stars and
worlds. Life evolution is founded on the twin theories of
spontaneous generation and Lamarckism (the inheritance
of acquired characteristics);—yet, although they remain
the basis of biological evolution, both were debunked by
scientists over a century ago.
Science is the study of the natural world. We are
thankful for the many dedicated scientists who are hard
at work, improving life for us. But we will learn, in this
book, that their discoveries have provided no worthwhile
Brief History of Evolutionary Theory 15
evidence supporting evolutionary theory.
Premises are important. These are the concepts by
which scientific facts are interpreted. For over a century,
efforts have been made to explain scientific discoveries
by a mid-19th century theory, known as “evolution.”
It has formed the foundation for many other theories,
which also are not founded on scientific facts!
Restating them again, here are the two premises on
which the various theories of evolution are based:
1 - This is the evolutionary formula for making a
Nothing + nothing = two elements + time = 92 natural
elements + time = all physical laws and a completely
structured universe of galaxies, systems, stars, planets,
and moons orbiting in perfect balance and order.
2 - This is the evolutionary formula for making life:
Dirt + water + time = living creatures.
Evolutionists theorize that the above two formulas
can enable everything about us to make itself—with
the exception of man-made things, such as automobiles
or buildings. Complicated things, such as wooden boxes
with nails in them, require thought, intelligence, and careful
workmanship. But everything else about us in nature
(such as hummingbirds and the human eye) is declared to
be the result of accidental mishaps, random confusion, and
time. You will not even need raw materials to begin with.
They make themselves too.
How did all this nonsense get started? We will begin
this paperback with a brief overview of the modern history
of evolutionary theory.
But let us not forget that, though it may be nonsensical,
evolutionary theory has greatly affected—and damaged—
mankind in the 20th century. Will we continue
to let this happen, now that we are in the 21st century?
The social and moral impact that evolutionary concepts
have had on the modern world has been terrific.


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