How did the big bang happen?

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How did the big bang happen? Empty How did the big bang happen?

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:26 pm

If the theory of evolution is true then as the particles flew off the explosion, then we should have a very evenly universe with planets all over. No cluster of planets should exist.
We also should have the oldest planets at the outer edge of the universe because of the gravitional force. Whay aren't these so called older planets at the outer edge of the universe? If the big bang is true, then the law of angular momentum says that all objets leaving a spinning object in a frictionless environment will be spinning the same way as the ojject it left.
Why are there 3 planets turning the other way in out solar system?
Way are there 9 of the 91 moon turning the other way?
Why are there whole galaxies turning the way shey are not supposed to?
It is simple, because God created the universe!


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