Darwin's new book is out!

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Darwin's new book is out!

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:13 pm

Darwin's new book it out
Yeah it is called 'god randomness'
What is it about?
He talks about randomness and his buddy chance being the real gods of the universe
What do these gods say
They say you can do whatever and that they have created everything out of nothing
How did that happen?
They made something explode so the universe could be in place
They really needed an explosion to have the universe happen? They are kind of weak gods who cannnot create the universe out of nothing
Who does Darwin calls himself?
The atheist prophet
How did they make this explosion happen?
They say it is a secret
Where did they get the energy from?
They say they stole it from the real God
Where did they get matter from?
They cannot disclose this
How did they create the laws like the law of gravity?
This too is a secret
And they call it science
Do they have any proof for the big bang?
No there is no picture nor video nor proof
Do they have any proof for an animal changing into another animal?
No, they say this is top secret information only the knowledgable can reveal
Do they have any proof for natural selection creation anything else than the original creature?
Do they explain how natural selection got its inteligence from?
Do they explain where did natural selection get its energy from to select billions of human beings?
Do they explain how can a blind process can select living things?
Do they explain how could natural selection know how to discern what to select and what not to select if created from nothing?
Do they explain how the law of angular momentum which makes all objets leaving a spinning objets turn in the same maner explain why 3 of the planets are spinning the wrong way?
Do they explain why 9 of the 91 moons in the universe spin the wrong way?
Do they explain why whole galaxies are turning the wrong way?
No, in fact they are asking me to ask you if you had any other question for them.
I think they should come back some other time to release the script for this science fiction movie and that the general public is not ready for such nonsense
Ok boss, we will jeep Hollywood clean of Darwinism!


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