The school science books are preverted and filled with lies

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The school science books are preverted and filled with lies

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Panspermia (1981). Amid the cries of desperation and
despair arising from evolutionary scientists, one of the most
famous scientists of the 20th century, a Nobel Prize winner,
came up with a new theory. In 1981, *Francis Crick, the codiscoverer
of the structure of the DNA molecule, published a
book, declaring that “directed panspermia” was responsible
for life on earth. According to this theory, people from
another planet sent a rocket down here, with living crea-
tures on it, in order to populate our planet! Crick admits
that this does not explain how nearly all our plant and animal
species came into existence. Nor does it explain the transportation
problem. Centuries of travel through the cold of
outer space would be required. This theory is a desperate,
gasping effort to provide a solution to the question of how
living creatures originated, a puzzle which thousands of scientists
in 150 years of diligent work have not been able to
solve. Very few intellectuals have accepted panspermia.

Cambridge Evolution Conference (1984). Desperate for
a solution, at a 1984 seminar held at Cambridge University,
*Stephen Gould’s “hopeful monster” theory was discussed
(the wild idea that a lizard laid an egg, one day,
and a bird hatched). *Karl Popper’s theory of science was
also discussed. Popper is the leading expert on the philosophy
of science. His position is that a theory must be testable.
Evolution, of course, does not meet the test. (See chapter
37, Philosophy of History, on our website.)

Second Mechanism Changeover (1980s). The utterly
unscientific “hopeless monster” theory, which *Richard
Goldschmidt proposed in the 1930s, totally astounded the
evolutionary world. Yet, as the years passed and a great
mountain of evidence surfaced against both natural selection
and mutations as mechanisms of cross-species
change, the experts felt desperate. —There was nothing
left but the theory of sudden, miraculous “million mutation,”
beneficial changes once every 50,000 years,
which *Gould, *Stanley, and their associates were increasingly
urging. Just as astronomers had, in desperation,
accepted the ridiculous Big Bang explosion theory 20 years
before as the cause of a universe of orderly galactic systems,
so the biological evolutionists now went farther out on
their own evolutionary limb. Geneticists, biologists, and
paleontologists recognized that the evolution of one species
out of another was impossible otherwise. Evolutionists,
in hopeless desperation, fled to an imagined “hopeful

Answers in Genesis (1980s). Ken Ham started Answers
62 The Evolution Cruncher
in Genesis, a creationist organization now located in Florence,
Kentucky. It has rapidly become a powerful voice
in unveiling evolutionary errors in meetings on college
and university campuses and elsewhere. For every one
creationist organization now in operation, there ought to be a
hundred. Why not start one yourself?

*Halton C. Arp Eliminated (1983). A leading astronomer
and president of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
in the early 1980s, Arp carried on research for over 30 years,
including extensive research time at Palomar and Mount Wilson
Observatories. He studied over 260 galaxies in more than
80 groups and tabulated 24 main galaxies and 38 discordant
redshift companions, plus much more. His studies clearly
refuted the speed theory of redshift which, along with
background radiation, was the crutch that evolutionists
leaned on to defend the Big Bang (*Halton Arp, Quasars,
Redshifts and Controversies, 1987, p. 5, plus many scientific
articles). Threatened with disbarment from U.S. observatories,
if he did not stop tearing down one of the two
Big Bang pillars, he refused. A few eminent astronomers,
including the renowned astrophysicist, *Geoffrey Burbidge,
made impassioned pleas for everyone to keep an open mind,
but to no avail. In 1983, Caltech’s telescope allocation
committee decided that Arp’s line of research was not
worthy of support and he was to receive no more time for
his work at the telescopes of the Mount Wilson and Palomar
observatories. Refusing to switch over to politically acceptable
studies, he left Caltech for a position at the Max Planck
Institute in Munich, where he continued to pursue his ideas.

Referring to his abrupt and ignoble ouster, Burbidge later
wrote, ‘No responsible scientist I know, including many astronomers
who were strongly opposed to Arp’s thesis, believes
justice was served’ ” (*Time-Life, Cosmic Mysteries
(1990), pp. 67-68).
Orce Man Debunked (1984). Thrilling news! At last one
of our half-ape ancestors had been found in the Andalusia
region of Spain. Certified as the “oldest man in Europe”
by a distinguished team of paleontologists, it made the
headlines as invitations were mailed to scientists throughout
the continent to attend a meeting where they could deliver
learned papers about the matter.
But then scientists in Paris discovered that it was a
skull fragment of a four-month-old donkey. Spanish officials
had to quickly mail 500 letters canceling the meeting
(“Ass Taken for Man,” *London Daily Telegraph, May 14,


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