The theory of evolution has plenty of false teachings proven wrong since Darwin

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The theory of evolution has plenty of false teachings proven wrong since Darwin

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Plesiosaur Discovered (1977). Scientists have wondered
for decades whether an “extinct” dinosaur would
ever be found alive. Then, in April 1977, a Japanese fishing
vessel caught a 4000 pound [1814 kg], 10 meter [33
yd] creature in its nets off the east coast of New Zealand.
A qualified zoologist was on board and photographed and
examined it carefully and confirmed that, indeed, it was a
plesiosaur, a sea-dwelling dinosaur which supposedly
had been dead for 100 million years! They were so
thrilled, that they published scientific papers on it and issued
a postage stamp! But, recognizing that the creature
would disprove their fossil/strata theory, Western scientists
said it must have been a sea lion! There was an almost
total news blackout on this in the West, with the
exception of a few publications (*New York Times, July
24, 1977; Nature, July 28, 1977). (There is more data in
chapter 12, Fossils and Strata; our website has pictures.)

Chinese Characters Explained (1979). Chinese is one
of the most ancient written languages in existence. Each
Chinese character is a combination of several different
words. C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson did extensive research
into Chinese words and discovered the characters
contain the story of Creation, the Garden of Eden, the
fall of Adam and Eve, and the Flood story. For example,
the word, “boat,” is made up of two words: vessel and
eight (Genesis 7:7, 13:8:13). Tempter is devil, cover, and
tree (Genesis 3:1-6). In chapter 14, Effects of the Flood,
will be found several more examples, plus an illustration
of what some of them look like (C.H. Kang and Ethel R.
Nelson, The Discovery of Genesis: How the Truths of Genesis
Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language, 1979).
Poll of University Students (1979). A poll of students
at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, found a clear
majority of both undergraduate and graduate students
taking biology classes favored the teaching of both creation
and evolution in the schools. Undergraduate students:
91%, graduate students: 71.8% (Jerry Bergman,
Brief History of Evolutionary Theory 59
“Attitude of University Students toward the Teaching
of Creation and Evolution in the Schools, Origins, Vol.
6, 1979, pp. 64-66).

Polystrate Mystery Solved (1980). Upright (polystrate)
tree trunks, 10-30 ft [31-95 dm] in length, have often been
found in coal beds. Yet the coal beds were supposed to
have been laid down over millions of years. Why are vertical
tree trunks in them? Just after the Mount St. Helens
explosion in May 1980, analysis of nearby Spirit Lake revealed
many vertical, floating tree trunks in it. During the
Flood, such tree trunks could easily have quickly been surrounded
by sediments and buried (*Edward L. Hold, “Upright
Trunks of Neocalamites form the Upper Triassic,”
Journal of Geology, 55:511-513, 1947; Steven A. Austin,
“Mount St. Helens and Catastrophism,” in Impact, July
1986, pp. 1-3).

Sunderland Interviews the Experts (1980-1981). Over
a one-year period, and with their permission, Luther
Sunderland tape-recorded interviews with three of the
most important paleontologists in the world, who are
in charge of at least 50 percent of the major fossil collections
on the planet, covering every basic fossil discovery
in the past 150 years. He found that not one of
them could name a single missing link, a halfway species
between our regular species (L.D. Sunderland,
Darwin’s Enigma, p. 89). There are no transitional forms.
For more on this, see chapter 12, Fossils and Strata.
Chicago Evolution Conference (1980).

While the newspapers, popular magazines, and school textbooks emblazoned
evolutionary theory as being essentially proven
scientifically in so many ways, the evolutionary scientists
were discouraged. They knew the truth. The Switzerland,
Wistar, and Alpbach meetings had clearly shown that theirs
was a losing cause. However, in yet another futile effort,
in October 1980, 160 of the world’s leading evolutionary
scientists met again, this time at the University of
Chicago. In brief, it was a verbal explosion. Facts opposing
evolution were presented, and angry retorts and insults
were hurled in return. The following month,
*Newsweek (November 3, 1980) reported that a large
majority of evolutionists at the conference agreed that
not even the neo-Darwinian mechanism (of mutations
working with natural selection) could no longer be
regarded as scientifically valid or tenable. Neither
the origin nor diversity of living creatures could be
explained by evolutionary theory (*Roger Lewin,
“Evolutionary Theory Under Fire,” in Science, November
21, 1980; *G.R. Taylor, Great Evolution Mystery,
1983, p. 55). Why is the public still told that evolution is
essentially proven and all the scientists believe it,—when
both claims are far from the truth?

New York City Evolution Conference (1981). The following
year, another important meeting was held, this one at
the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
*Colin Patterson, senior paleontologist at the British
Museum of Natural History, read a paper in which he
declared that evolution was “positively anti-knowledge”
and added, “All my life I had been duped into taking
evolution as revealed truth.” Yet Patterson is in charge of
millions of fossil samples, and he is well-acquainted with the
collection. Commenting on the crisis, another scientist,
*Michael Ruse, wrote that the increasing number of critics
included many with “the highest intellectual credentials”
(*Michael Ruse, “Darwin’s Theory: An Exercise in Science,”
in New Scientist, June 25, 1981, p. 828).


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