Creation or evolution? Only one good answer!

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Creation or evolution? Only one good answer!

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Creation Research Society (1963). This important creation
research organization was founded by doctoral scientists,
with the express purpose of conducting research
into creation-evolution topics and publishing regular
reports on them. Its Journal reports have been of a high
scientific caliber. (See our website for address.)
Background Radiation (1965). Using a sensitive radio
astronomy telescope, *A.A. Penzias and *R.W. Wilson
(researchers at Bell Laboratories) discovered lowenergy
microwave radiation coming from outer space.

Big Bang theorists immediately claimed that this proved
the Big Bang! They said it was the last part of the explosion.
But further research disclosed that it came from every
direction instead of only one; that it was the wrong
temperature; and that it was too even. Even discoveries
in the 1990s have failed to show that this radiation is
“lumpy” enough (their term) to have produced stars and

Steady State Universe Theory Abandoned (1965).
*Fred Hoyle abandoned his steady state theory entirely
in a public announcement at a meeting of the British
Association for the Advancement of Science. He listed
five scientific reasons why it was impossible (Nature, October
9, 1965, p. 113). (See our website for the five.)
The Switzerland Meeting (1965). It was not until the
1960s that the neo-Darwinists (those who had given up
on natural selection and believed that mutations were the
mechanism of cross-species change) began fighting with
one another in earnest. At this meeting of mathematicians
and biologists, mathematical doubts were raised
about the possibility of evolution having occurred. At
the end of several hours of heated discussion, it was decided
to hold another meeting the next year.

The Wistar Institute Symposium (1966). A milestone
meeting was the four-day Wistar Institute Symposium, held
in Philadelphia in April 1966. A number of mathematicians,
familiar with biological problems, spoke—and
clearly refuted neo-Darwinism in several ways. An important
factor was that large computers were by this time
able to work out immense calculations—showing that evolution
could not possibly occur, even over a period of
billions of years, given the complexities of DNA, protein,
the cell, enzymes, and other factors.

We will cite one example here: *Murray Eden of MIT
explained that life could not begin by “random selection.”
He noted that, if randomness is removed, only “design”
would remain,—and that required purposive planning by
an Intelligence. He showed that it would be impossible for
even a single ordered pair of genes to be produced by DNA
mutations in the bacteria, E. Coli (which has very little
DNA), with 5 billion years in which to produce it. Eden
then showed the mathematical impossibility of protein
forming by chance. He also reported on his extensive investigations
into genetic data on hemoglobin (red blood
cells). Hemoglobin has two chains, called alpha and beta.
A minimum of 120 mutations would be required to convert
alpha to beta. At least 34 of those changes require
changeovers in 2 or 3 nucleotides. Yet, Eden pointed out,
if a single nucleotide change occurs through mutation, the
result ruins the blood and kills the organism! For more on
the Wistar Institute, read the following book: *Paul
Moorhead and *Martin Kaplan (eds.), Mathematical Challenges
to the Neo-Darwinian Interpretation of Evolution,
Wistar Institute Monograph No. 5.


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