Five polls about creation and evolution

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Five polls about creation and evolution  Empty Five polls about creation and evolution

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Five Polls about Evolution (1954). (1) The general
public supports the teaching of creation in public
schools, not just evolution, by a massive majority of 86%
to 8% (AP-NBC News poll). (2) A national poll of attorneys
agree (56% to 26%) and find dual instruction constitutional
(63% to 26%, American Bar Association-commissioned
poll). (3) A majority of university students at
two secular colleges also agree (80% at Ohio State,
56% at Oberlin, Fuerst, Zimmerman). (4) Two-thirds of
public school board members agree (67% to 25%,
American School Board Journal poll). (5) A substantial
minority of public school teachers favor creation
over evolution (Austin Analytical Consulting poll;
source: W.R. Bird, Origin of Species Revisited, 1954,
p. Cool.

Courville’s Research (1956). After 15 years of careful
research, Donovan A. Courville, a Loma Linda University
biochemist, published an important book, Exodus
Problem and Its Ramifications. Courville correlated ancient
Egyptian and Bible events and dates, providing
us with one of the best ancient chronologies available.
He showed that Manetho’s king-list overlapped, resulting
in a major reduction in the duration of Egypt’s dynastic
history and a placement of its first double-ruler dynasty at
around 2150 B.C. This study, along with others reviewed
in chapter 21, Archaeological Dating, shows that archaeological
dating does indeed correlate closely with
Bible history. (Due to a lack of space, as we neared publishing
time we had to omit most of this chapter; but it is on
our website.)

*Thompson’s Attack on *Darwin (1956). W.R. Thompson,
a leading evolutionary scientist, was asked to write
Brief History of Evolutionary Theory 49
the Introduction to the 1956 reprint edition of Darwin’s
Origin of the Species. In it, Thompson scathingly attacked
Darwin’s theories on every essential point as
worthless (*W.R. Thompson, Introduction to Charles Darwin,
Origin of the Species, 1956 edition).
Children’s Books (1958). While evolutionists secretly
recognize that their theory is falling through the floor, to
the gullible public it is praised more and more as the scientifically
proven answer to the mystery of life and matter.
In 1958, the Wonderful Egg was published and immediately
recommended by the *American Association
for the Advancement of Science as a worthwhile science
guide for little children. Two major NEA affiliates (the
*American Council on Education and the *Association for
Childhood Education International) gave it their highest

The book tells about a mother dinosaur
who laid a “wonderful egg” which hatched into a
baby bird—“the first baby bird in the whole world! And
the baby bird grew up . . with feathers . . the first beautiful
bird that ever sang a song high in the tree tops . . of long,
long ago” (quoted in H. Morris and G. Parker, What is
Creation Science? p. 148).

Geoscience Research Institute (1958). This creationist
organization (GRI), now located in Loma Linda, California,
was organized specifically to carry on research
work, in the area of creationism, and produce educational
materials for scientists and science teachers.
Darwinian Centennial Celebration (1959). As the
year 1959 approached, evolutionists saw it as a splendid
opportunity to ballyhoo the glories of evolutionary theory.
As the 100th anniversary of Darwin’s Origin of the Species
approached, a flood of books and articles appeared.
The largest meeting was held at the University of Chicago,
where *Julian Huxley gave the keynote address,
focusing his attention on a triumphant, total repudiation
of God.

The same year, two major books attacking evolutionary
theory in great detail were released: The
first was *Gertrude Himmelfarb’s Darwin and the Darwinian
Revolution. Holding a doctorate from the University
of Chicago, her book was a powerful exposé on the
havoc the theory has wrought on the modern world. The
second in-depth book was by *Jacques Barzun, history professor
and dean of the Graduate Faculties at Columbia University.
His book, Darwin, Marx, Wagner, declared that
evolutionary theory was directly responsible for European
wars from 1870 to 1945.

Biological Sciences Curriculum (1959). Another significant
event that year was the establishment of a standardized
Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS)
for public secondary schools. The stated objective was
the teaching of evolution, sex education, racial problems,
and the need for legalizing abortion (*A.B.
Grobman, Biological Science: An Inquiry into Life, p. xv).
BSCS quickly received a $7 million grant from the National
Science Foundation, to develop this new series.
Shortly afterward, a second major textbook revision
project, Man: A Course of Study, was given $7 million
by the National Science Foundation. It was filled with
humanism and morally objectionable interpretations
of personal and social life.

Revolt in France (early 1960s). A large number of
French biologists and taxonomists (species classification
experts) rebelled against the chains of the evolutionary
creed and declared that they would continue their
research, but would no longer try to prove evolution—which
they considered an impossible theory. Taxonomists who
joined the revolt took the name “cladists” (*Z. Litynski,
“Should We Burn Darwin?” in Science Digest, Vol. 51,
January 1961, p. 61).
First Quasar Discovered (1962). Telescopes found a
mysterious object, which was named 3C273, which had
a spectrum that was unintelligible. This peculiar object
Brief History of Evolutionary Theory 51
radiated most strongly in the fringes of the visible spectrum.
It was a total mystery until February 1963, when
*Jesse Schmidt recognized that the problem was that it
had a radical 16% shift toward the red. If the speed
theory of redshift, promoted by evolutionists, was correct,—
that meant the object was moving away from
us at 16% of the speed of light—and was a massive 3
billion light-years from earth!

As more—and apparently “faster”—quasars were discovered,
the situation kept worsening. Ultimately, their
existence debunked the evolutionist’s speed theory of
redshift. Yet the redshift and background radiation were
the only two “evidences” of an earlier Big Bang! For
example, in 1977, a quasar was found which, according to
the redshift theory, was moving faster (eight times faster)
than the speed of light! Of course, scientists know it is
impossible for anything to travel faster than the speed of
light (*George Abell, Exploration of the Universe, 1973,
p. 409; *Time-Life, Cosmic Mysteries, 1990, pp. 68-69;
*Sky and Telescope 53, 1977, p. 1702).


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