Adolfh Hitler and the theory of evolution

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Adolfh Hitler and the theory of evolution

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*Richard Goldschmidt (1878-1958). The same year
that *Clark wrote his book (1930), Goldschmidt gave up
also. An earnest evolutionist, he had dedicated his life to
proving it by applying X-rays and chemicals to fruit flies
at the University of California, Berkeley, and producing
large numbers of mutations in them. After 25 exhausting
years, in which he had worked with more generations
of fruit flies than humans and their ape ancestors are
conjectured to have lived on our planet, Goldschmidt
decided that he must figure out a different way that
cross-species evolution could occur. For the next ten
years, as he continued his fruit fly research, he gathered
additional evidence of the foolishness of evolutionary
theory;—and, in 1940, wrote his book, The Material Basis
of Evolution, in which he exploded point after point in
the ammunition box of the theory. He literally tore it
to pieces (*Norman Macbeth, Darwin Retried, 1974,
p. 152).

No evolutionist could answer him. Like them, he
was a confirmed evolutionary atheist, but he was honestly
facing the facts. After soundly destroying their theory, he
announced his new concept: a megaevolution in which
one life-form suddenly emerged completely out of a
different one! He called them “hopeful monsters.” One
day a fish laid some eggs, and some of them turned into a
frog, a snake laid an egg, and a bird hatched from it!

Goldschmidt asked for even bigger miracles than A.H. Clark
had proposed! (*Steven M. Stanley, Macroevolution:
Pattern and Process, 1979, p. 159).
American Humanist Association (1933). “Humanism”
is the modern word for “atheism.” As soon as it
was formed in 1933, the AHA began working closely
with science federations, to promote evolutionary
theory, and with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties
Union) to provoke legal action in the courts forcing
Americans to accept evolutionary beliefs. Signatories
included *Julian Huxley (*T.H. Huxley’s grandson),
*John Dewey, *Margaret Sanger, *H.J. Muller, *Benjamin
Spock, *Erich Froom, and *Carl Rogers (*American Humanist
Association, promotional literature).
*Trofim Lysenko (1893-1976) rose to power in the
1930s in the USSR by convincing the government that he
could create a State Science that combined Darwinian
evolution theory in science, animal husbandry, and agriculture
with Marxist theory.

With *Stalin’s hearty
backing, Lysenko became responsible for the death of thousands,
including many of Russia’s best scientists. Lysenko
banned Mendelian genetics as a bourgeois heresy. He
was ousted in 1965 when his theories produced agricultural
disaster for the nation. (He claimed to be able to
change winter wheat into spring wheat, through temperature
change, and wheat into rye in one generation.)
*Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was chancellor of Nazi
Germany from 1933 to 1945. He carefully studied the
writings of *Darwin and *Nietzsche. Hitler’s book, Mein
Kampf, was based on evolutionary theory (*Sir Arthur
Keith, Evolution and Ethics, 1947, p. 28). The very title of
the book (“My Struggle” [to survive and overcome]) was
copied from a Darwinian expression. Hitler believed he
was fulfilling evolutionary objectives by eliminating
“undesirable individuals and inferior races” in order
to produce Germany’s “Master Race” (*Larry Azar, Twentieth
Century in Crisis, 1990, p. 180). (Notice that the “mas-
44 The Evolution Cruncher
ter race” people always select the race they are in as the
best one.)


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