Nebraska Man Debunked Theory of evolution

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Nebraska Man Debunked Theory of evolution

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Nebraska Man Debunked (1922, 1928). In 1922 a
single molar tooth was found and named Hesperopithecus,
or “Nebraska Man.” An artist was told to make an
“apeman” picture based on the tooth, which went
around the world. Nebraska Man was a key evidence at
the Scopes trial in July 1925 (The evolutionists had little
else to offer!). *Grafton Smith, one of those involved in
publicizing Nebraska Man was knighted for his efforts in
making known this fabulous find. When paleontologists
returned to the site in 1928, they found the rest of
the skeleton,—and discovered the tooth belonged
to “an extinct pig”! (*R. Milner, Encyclopedia of Evolution,
1990, p. 322). In 1972, living specimens of the
same pig were found in Paraguay.

George McCready Price (1870-1963) had a master’s
level degree, but not in science. Yet he was the staunchest
opponent of evolution in the first half of the 20th
century. He produced 38 books and numerous articles to
various journals. Price was the first person to carefully
research into the accumulated findings of geologists,
and he discovered that they had no evidence supporting
their claims about strata and fossils. Since his time,
the situation has not changed (*R. Milner, Encyclopedia
of Evolution, 1990, p. 194).
Along with mutations, the study of fossils and strata
ranks as the leading potential evidences supporting evolutionary
claims. But no transitional species have been
found. Ancient species (aside from the extinct ones) were
like those today, except larger, and strata are generally
missing and at times switched—with “younger” strata
below “older.” Because there is no fossil/strata evidence
supporting evolution, the museums display dinosaurs
and other extinct animals as proof that evolution has
occurred. But extinction is not an evidence of evolution.
Much more on this in chapter 12, Fossils and Strata.
*Oliver Wendel Holmes, Jr. (1841-1935), powerfully
affected the U.S. Supreme Court in both viewpoint and
legal precedents. He was forceful in his positions and a
leading justice for 30 years. The prevalent view since his
time is that law is a product of evolution and should
continually evolve in accord with social policy. But this,
of course, keeps taking America further and further
from the U.S. Constitution.

*Vladimir (Nikolai) Lenin (1870-1924) and *Josef
Stalin (1879-1953). Lenin was an ardent evolutionist who,
in 1918, violently overthrew the Russian government and
founded the Soviet Union.
According to *Yaroslavsky, a close friend of his, at
an early age, while attending a Christian Orthodox
school, Stalin began to read *Darwin and became an
atheist (*E. Yaroslavsky, Landmarks in the Life of Stalin,
1940, pp. 8-9). Stalin was head of the Soviet Union from
1924 to 1953. During those years, he was responsible for
the death of millions of Russians who refused to yield
to his slave-state tactics. The Soviet Union under Stalin
was an outstanding example of Darwinist principles extended
to an entire nation.
*Austin H. Clark (1880-1954), an ardent evolutionist,
was on the staff of the Smithsonian Institute from 1908
to 1950 and a member of several important scientific organizations.
A prominent scientist, he authored several
books and about 600 scientific articles. But, after years
of honestly trying to deal with the fact that there is no
evidence of cross-species change, in 1930 he wrote an
astounding book, The New Evolution: Zoogenesis. In
it, he cited fact after fact, disproving the possibility
that major types of plants and animals could have
evolved from one another. The book was breathtaking
and could not be answered by any evolutionist.

His alternate proposal, zoogenesis, was that every major
type of plant and animal must have evolved—not from
one another—but directly from dirt and water! (*A.H.
Clark, The New Evolution: Zoogenesis, 1930, pp. 211, 100,
189, 196, 114). The evolutionary world was stunned into
silence, for he was an expert who knew all tthe reasons
why trans-species evolution was impossible.


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